Many individuals experience the problem of having cold sores frequently. As of yet no solutions have been certain to work. Not every one of the recommended solutions work and also safe.

Never use bleach on the cold sore as a way to remove it. The reasoning for this is bleach is dangerous to your body and may have negative side effects.

You should also refrain from placing ice on a cold sore to freeze it, than drying it out with toothpaste or salt. Using ice will destroy the skin cells and form small levels of frost bite. Using salt to dry out the cold sore is tremendously damaging to your skin and should be prevented by any means. Toothpaste is abrasive to your skin and does simply damage it.

So that you can properly handle a cold sore you must understand that a cold sore happens because of a virus. The most effective cold sore solutions are solutions that are proven to excel against viruses.

Some natural home remedies that are fitted with anti-viral agents include lemon balm, cat’s claw and peppermint. These herbs needs to be made a regular part of the diet and they will assist in preventing cold sores. These herbal solutions aren't known exclusively for cold sore solutions, but other health improvements too. The most impressive facet of these home remedies is that they are very effective and also that they don't have any other negative effects like some of the mentioned before treatments.

Preparing a tea out of these natural herbs is the best and easiest method to consume them to remedy your cold sore. Buying them in capsule form is definitely an alternative if you aren't a big tea drinker. To deal with your cold sore with herbal pills simply plan to have a few capsules 3 x a day.

An added bonus is definitely the extra health rewards of these herbal cures. Your digestive system responds very well to Peppermint. The lemon balm is acknowledged for its relaxing effect and those that use it tend to sleep better. Cat's Claw is a herb that works to boost your body's immune system, resulting in a healthier body.

Using the cold sore solutions mentioned, you attack the herpes simplex virus directly, bringing about a more effective treatment. Use these cold sore solutions once you first feel a cold sore maybe coming, as this should stop a cold sore before it may get out of hand.